Mission and Vision Statement

Engaging and Educating people about the world's affairs


The locals who live in Twicland,  people of  Twic  origin  outside the area and neighboring communities are connected, informed,  and engaged on issues that matter to them on the daily basis .

The Twic East Social and Civic Engagement is a civil code that connect people in Twicland, Jonglei state, and in the entire South Sudan. The TESCE was founded to empower Twic East citizens in the Republic of South Sudan, connect Twic people with neighbors, preach good neighborhood, teach people about economic and social sustainability, and work for the common good of the human race across the Globe. 


The Mission for the Twic East Social and Civic Engagement is to build a vibrant community which is cognitive of its past and identity, sensitive to its collective future and mutually responsive in engaging with neighbors.


  • Create a forum to connect people back home and those in Diaspora to share ideas
  •  Devise and promote a gender sensitive developmental initiatives
  • Mobilizing resources from its members
  • Share information for information is power
  • Share historical materials  
  •  Promoting mutual peace  among neighbors community and beyond
  •  Promote  sustainability development  
  •  Support education and  standard health practices
  • Teach youths about their cultural root and heritage.
  • And more importantly, build a prosperous society where members utilize opportunities at their disposal to improve the welfare of the country.

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