Notable Twic People


Notable Twic People

Traditional Leaders

1. Bior Aguer Bior, was the longest serving Twic chief, served during the British time, and was awarded second class sword by the British Administration. 2. Ajang Duot Bior, was the paramount chief of the now defunct Bor District, executed in 1967 the Sudanese Government, along with other 31 prominent Twic leaders, and for standing for the right of Southern Sudanese. 3. Deng Lual, a head chief of Dachueek clan, and who served in Pawel court. 4. Biar Abit Ayual, a prominent Chief who served in Pawel, was the head chief of Awulian Clan, and who was opposed to the British rule. 5. Deng Biar Abit, a son of Biar Abit who took over from his brother, served in Paliau court and Pawel, and was also killed like the rest of the Twic Dinka leaders. 6. Manyok Duot Lual, head of Ayual clan, and who served in Pawel court. 7. Kunjok Dut, head chief of Akonychok of Pakeer, served in Maar court during the British rule. 8. Ajang Majok Ajang, head Chief in Maar court. 9. Awai Ajang Awai, head chief of Adhiok, served Wernyol court. 10. Ayiik Bol Arok, once a head chief of Abek clan, both in Pawel court and Wernyol. He is said to be the longest serving Chief in the Twic area. 11. Duot Ajang Duot, head chief of the Pawel's court. 12. Manyok Deng Biar, head chief of Awulian community, son of Deng Biar and grandson Biar Abit Ayual. 13. Bol Manyok Duot, head chief of Ayual clan in Wangulei court. 14. Kooch Garang Kooch (Maroldit), head chief of Kuach clan of Ajuong community, tallest person in Twicland to date. 15. Aweng Deng Chol, head chief of Cir in Maar court. 16. Daau Reech Deng, head of Dachueek clan in Wangulei court. 17. Ajang Bior Duot (Ajang-Thuch), Twic youth's leader. 18. Bul Deng Mayen (Bul-Maboor), Twic central youth leader. 19. Ajang Amuom Ajang, Twic North Youth leader. 20. Awan Deng Garang, Twic South Youth leader.         

Twic political and military leaders  

 1. CDR. Akuot Atem Mayen, Anya-Anya commander, first chairman of the Sudan people's Liberation Movement/Army. 

2. Acol de Dut Kuol, a Sudanese ambassador who served in many countries including India. 3. Manyok Aguer Deng, long time civil servant the Sudan. 4. Biar Deng Biar, a veteran Medical doctor who has worked in health field for decades. 5. Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the second chairman of the SPLM/SPLA, run the longest guerilla Movement in Africa, First Vice President and President of the Government of Southern Sudan, and who perished in a mysterious helicopter bouncing for New Site, in Southern Sudan. 6. CDR. Arok Thon Arok, one of the SPLM/SPLA founding member, a shrewd military strategist, a Sudanese military officer before civil war broke out in 1983, whose views clashed with those of Dr. John Garang, and which led to his 5-year detention in isolated military barrack. 7. Gen. Elijah Malok Aleng, once an area MP for Kongor District in the 1970s early 1980s, SPLA's commander, headed the Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association, First Governor of the Central Bank of South Sudan. 8. Prof. Chol Biowei Deng, Lecturer in the University of Khartoum before the war broke out in 1983, deputy of Kerubino Kuanyin Bol in Kurmuk, served as an MP for Twic East County in Southern Sudan Autonomous Government in Juba. 9. Gen. Bior Ajang Duot, SPLA's commander during the war of liberation, served as SPLA's deputy of Logistics and later as Undersecretary in South Sudan Ministry of Defense. 10. Dr. Col Dau Ding, Dr. John Garang's confidante, who helped with diplomatic work while in Great Britain. 11. Isaiah Chol Aruai, SPLM political commissar, head of the SPLA Archives, first county commissioner of the Twic East county, the first chairperson of the southern Sudan center for statistical analysis, later known South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics(NBS). 12. Madam Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior, wife of Dr. John Garang, once a Minister of Roads and Transport in the autonomous Government of Southern Sudan, and Advice to President Salva Kiir Mayardit until the political fallout in December, 2013. 13. Dr. Lual Achueek Lual Deng, Dr. John Garang's economic Strategist during the war of liberation. 14. Dr. Majak d'Agoot Atem, SPLA's commander during the war of liberation, once an overall commanding officer for the Bahr El Ghazal Region, deputy for Sudan National Intelligence Service (NISS), deputy Defense Minister in South Sudan, and one of the last four detained for an alleged failed coup after the infamous December 6, 2013 political conference, and who remains largely as a vocal member of the G10-SPLM Former Political Detainees. 15. Sultan. Bul Deng Bul, teacher in the old Sudan, once a head Chief in Kongor, and later an MP for Twic East County. 16. Gen. Deng Dau Deng Malek, SPLA commander, lost his limb during the war, once a Kakuma Refugee camp chairperson, director of the commission for war disabled, and a national MP for Twic East area. 17. Gen. Atem Garang Deng de Kuek, SPLA political commissar, served in different capacities and later as a chief Whip in South Sudan legislative Assembly. 18. Gen. Dr. Dau Aleer Abit, SPLA Medical officer, once headed the Sudan Medical Care in the SPLA's Liberated areas. 19. Gen. Dr. Diing Akol Diing, SPLA commander, a Surgeon who served in the SPLA frontlines. 20. Gen. Manyok Barach Atem, SPLA commander, and served in various located in South Sudan, and with outstanding performances in the military. 21. Gen. Kiir Garang de Kuek, SPLA commander and who continue to serve as head of Engineering Corps in the SSPDF. 22. Gen. Kuol Mayen Mading, Head of South Sudan Wildlife. 23. Diing Akol Diing, SPLA officer who lost his limb in the battle of Maridi, second commissioner for Twic East county, Minister of Local Governments under Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, and later as advisor to Governor John Kong Nyuon. 24. William Deng Garang Bany, SPLA commander, once one the deputies to the Jonglei's Director of Prisons System, and later served as Director General of the Eastern Equatorial Prison System. 25. Gen. Kongor Aruei Ajang, SPLA commander, served as Director General of the Prisons System in Jonglei state. 26. Gen. Ajak Deng Biar, SPLA, and director for procurement in the SPLA's Headquarters. 27. Gen. Mayom Deng Biar, SPLA commander, one of the deputies to the South Sudan Chief Inspector of the Police 28. Deng Aguer Deng, Twic East MP in Jonglei state Assembly. 29. Col. Philip Aguer Panyang Jot, SPLA military officer, longest serving spokesman for the SPLA in the independent South Sudan, Governor of Jonglei state. 30. Col. Ajang John Jok Ajak, Director of the Police in Jonglei state.   

Writers and singers   

1. Major. Diing Chan Awuol (Isaiah Abraham), a long time SPLA veteran, who fought his entire life for the liberation of South Sudan, Rights Advocate, and who was killed for writing against bad governance in South Sudan. 2. Garang Chol Bul (Majumuo), an outstanding Twic East singer know for his touching songs. 3. Ajang Kuir Malang, one of the few Twic singers whose songs features Twic's East traditions, customs and norms. 4. Bol Deng Arok, Twic East Singer who composed many of the War's motivational songs. 5. Kuir Garang Kuir, a rising Poet, whose writings have inspired many of the youths. He is known for thoughts provoking composition of themes that challenge bad governance and poor treatment of the governed. 6. Mayak Deng Aruei, a Political and Human Rights Advocate, and a progressive Thinker who writes about political events and miscarriage of justice in South Sudan. 7. Bol Lual Thon, a young Twic Dinka who has captured the history of Twic in most of his songs. 

Twic Religious Leaders   

1. Late Bishop: Kezekiah Barach Mabior, first Bishop of Diocese of Malakal 2. Arch Bishop Dr. Deng Bul Yak, first Bishop of Diocese of Renk, Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan 3. Late Bishop Daniel Dau Deng, Bishop of Diocese of Kongor, Reformed Episcopal Church of South Sudan 4. Dr. Isaiah Majok Dau, Bishop and the Overseer of the Pentecostal Church in Kenya and South Sudan. 5. Bishop Ezekiel Diing Ajang Malangdit, Bishop of the Diocese of Twic East 6. Bishop Peter Bol Arok, Bishop of Diocese of Twic East, Anglican Church of South Sudan. 7. Assistant Bishop, Isaac Deu Chol, Assistant Bishop of Diocese of Kapoeta, Episcopal Church of South Sudan. 8. Bishop Elijah Abuoi Arok, Bishop of the Christians Church International. 9. Prophet Abraham Chol Maketh, leader of the Christians Ministeries. 10. Bishop Gabriel Thuch Agoth Deng, Bishop of Diocese Kongor, Episcopal Church of South Sudan. 11. Bishop Zachariah Manyok Biar Mangaar, Bishop of Diocese of Wangulei, Episcopal Church of South Sudan 12. Bishop Gabriel Kuol Garang Atem, Bishop of Diocese of Wernyol, Episcopal Church of South Sudan.   

Women leaders   

1. Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior 2. Rebecca Lueth Wel Akau, a canonized religious leaders, one of the first people to embrace the Church. 3. Mary Aluel Garang Anyuon, an outstanding church singer whose songs are all over the Jieng Christians Hymns. 4. Mary Akuany Deng, MP for Twic East in National Assembly 5. Deu Aguin, MP for Twic East county in the Jonglei Legislative Assembly. 6. Aguil Chuut Deng, an SPLA veteran, singer in the SPLA ladies Battalion, Human Right Activist who advocated for women Rights in the Sudan and later in South Sudan. 7. Amer Mayen Dhieu, a Women Right Activist, self proclaimed Feminist whose writings advocates for education of girls, cofounded an organization that pays for girls tuition in East Africa.     

Sports and Wrestling   

1. Atem Kuol Atem, a rising star in the basketball in Australia. 2. Awer Bul Mabil, a foot player, and who played for the Adelaide 76ers. 3. Adut Atem Bul Gak, the first Jieng's female women Basketball player, and who played Florida State University.    

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