Twic People


Twic People

Twic East community is a Jieng's subtribe, located in the east bank of the White Nile River, Jonglei state, Republic of South Sudan. The Twic East community comprised of 16 clans, with the human population that is between 250,000 to 300,000 as accurate data is difficult to compile because of the long liberation struggle that has dispersed Twic people throughout the East Africa as well as around the world. The characteristics that define Twic people among the other Jiengs in Jonglei state are the linguistic differences, norms and cultural differences. Twic people are bordered by Bor Dinka in the South, Murle tribe in the East, Lou Nuer in the northeast, Nyarweng Dinka & Hol Dinka in the North. In addition, Twic Dinka is bordered by Ciec Dinka in the southwest and Nyuong Nuer of Panyijar in the West. Twic East Dinka is the single Jieng's subtribe that has had an extensive contact with tribes in South Sudan, Africa and foreigners outside the continent of Africa.  

Twic's artifacts

Twic like rest of the traditional societies have its own unique items.

Eastern Twic Dinka throughout South Sudan

The Eastern Twic Dinka like other Jieng's subtribes have ethnic character that make them very unique, and laid a foundation for all that they do as good citizen. The present day Twicland in Jonglei state nurtured a very good people stay above principle of good citizenry. There is more to the Eastern Twic Dinka; among them is their respect for the rule of law. Even in time of crisis, Eastern Twic Dinka still seek justice through the existing legal principles. For the past 30 years or so, the Region what was once known as Southern Sudan, now South Sudan went through a lot. There have been terrific Social and Political Transformations, all of which came about as a result of the long struggle for liberty. In all of that, there have been too much outlawed in the country, cattle rustling along the tribal lines, and sometimes within the same locality. The temptation for the survival of the fittest has been resisted by the Eastern Twic Dinka. It's on this account that other communities look up to Eastern Twic Dinka for leadershi.

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